I write primarily about partisan jingoism and how it has tainted political discourse. I also generally cover political topics of interest to me at the Federal, State and my local level here in Great Falls (Lewiston-Auburn). There's a slight hint of economics as well and a splattering of other randomness, but I strive to keep things relevant.

I'm not an expert. JermSix is not an academic or professional pursuit providing footnotes to back up facts or assertions (but I might throw in some when it's convenient.) I do not have the academic and scientific qualifications that ideally would be applied to consideration of most of the important issues I write about but as every human being I am a participant in global affairs. I have a keen interest in history and, like you, a personal stake in its outcome.

Quick Facts:

Why is your blog called JermSix?

Jerm is a nickname I was allergic to as a child. It's used in an endearing way by some friends and family now. This is my sixth attempt at maintaining a blog. My first was StudyingAbroadInFrance. All others were embarrassing failures. I don't like to talk about it.


    { amor vincit omnia }