L/A Arts calls out Mayor Labonte

Well here's a sequel to my last post, in which I applaud Mayor Jonathan Labonte of Auburn for responding to rude remarks by someone behind the Maine Republican Party Facebook page.

Odelle Bowman, Executive Director at L/A Arts, has published an open letter in which she responds to Labonte's recent explorations of Lewiston-Auburn's joint agencies' budgets, including that of L/A Arts.


Mayor Labonte [Auburn] calls out Republican shenanigans

Less than an hour ago, Jonathan Labonte, mayor of Auburn noticed a particularly rude post by the Maine Republican Party on Facebook refering to the departure of Maine Housing Authority's Dale McCormick. Despite being a Republican himself, Jonathan honorably called it out for what it was - petty.


Study reveals holes, but not any gunk in them

In a recent study on accountability and transparency, the Maine State Government earned an "F." The Sun Journal breaks down the report and highlights a number of areas that need improvement, including access to public information, executive branch oversight issues, secretive budgetary processes, a silent and inaccessible governor, excessive gift limits, lack of revolving door oversight, and lack of financial disclosures of legislators, high ranking officers and state employees.

Considering Democrats have ruled Augusta for the past billion forty years, Republicans will no doubt use this as an opportunity to accuse Democrats of fraud, corruption, and any other scandal they cannot prove. Last Friday I asked Democrats not to make sweeping accusations against Republicans. Today I'll do the reverse.


Republicans aren't evil, they're just different.

I'm trying to return to the core of my blog discussing partisan jingoism. It's one of the largest threats to our nation. It's the root of the gridlock in Washington D.C. and it's why a Senator who has done a great service for the State of Maine has retired. On a geopolitical scale, it also dictates our atrocious foreign policy.

Gerald Weinand of Dirigo Blue writes this morning (my emphasis):
At least during the Bush administration they tried to label actions like this “compassionate conservatism.” 
Today, after three years of a recession that neared a depression, and with the State still losing jobs (7,000 in 2011), Maine Republicans don’t even bother with the ruse. 
They simply lack compassion for others. 
How else to explain LD1862, An Act To Limit Eligibility under the Municipal General Assistance Program.


LePage and not-so-open government

I don't have much to expand on what Gerald Weinand at Dirigo Blue has to say about Governor Paul LePage's efforts to limit access to his correspondence

The LePage administration is full of inconsistencies. Even his plan to merge state departments may fail to accomplish its goals of reducing a bloated and expensive government.


Good ol' Angus

So it's official. Angus King has thrown his name into the hat for US Senator from Maine. I don't have any big beef with Mr. King, but I can't help but remember him as the strong supporter of the No Labels movement in Maine which really disappointed me.

I'm cautiously optimistic about his upcoming term. Angus was successful as a governor bridging the divide between the two parties. I hope he has as much success in DC as he did in Augusta. But I doubt he'll get much traction if he's really jumped on the radical-center band wagon.

It's one thing to criticize the conflict between two parties or candidates. It's another to make harsh attacks against those involved and No Labels is too quick to demonize those who they ironically label "radicals." We'll see if Angus can stick to his commitment of abstaining from the use of attack ads and continue his neutrality in the capitol.


Shameless plug

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