Random tidbits

- The Portland Press Herald has doubts regarding the effectiveness of the Occupy Wall Street protests. While I sympathize with protesters, I'm inclined to agree with the more pragmatic view of the PPH.

- A Maine Heritage Policy Center study challenges same day registration by highlighting there are 1452 active registrants who are 211 years old. Because dead voters - who haven't voted in over a century - are a serious threat. Eliminating same day registration does nothing to correct any of MHPC's concerns.

Steve Jobs' death is a sad reminder for all of us that voodoo therapies don't work.

- The picture is my dog, Balloo, drying off after taking a cool dip in September ocean waters.

Profiteers are spying on you! At least that's the way it's being spun. I have to admit, the idea of Facebook or my cable company tracking my habits was initially jarring. But the more I think about, the less I care. I mean, most of the monitoring is entirely automated. No one at Time Warner Cable really cares about what I, Jeremy, am doing. Ultimately, the quid pro quo is fairly nice. The idea of a world - at least beginning with advertisments - that's customized for me is a bit exciting.

I think society in general has just been moving more and more towards interdependence (by extension increased trust). (See: Nonzero by Robert Wright) It must have taken a leap of trust for the humans making the first trades between tribes. Likewise, it took a leap for people to begin trusting banks with their money. I imagine this is just another step towards increased interdependence and cooperation. That initial discomfort isn't because I have anything to hide, or I'm embarrassed or anything. New founded trust is never comfortable.

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