Probe finds no voter fraud

According to the Sun Journal, voter fraud investigations in Maine have uncovered no cases of wrong doing, but Republican leaders are still challenging that the system is ripe for abuse.
"Our election system is long overdue for a comprehensive reexamination of our methodologies and ways in which we govern our elections," Secretary of State Charlie Summers said during a news conference in his office. "We're still operating on an 1820 law, but this is 2011."
Usually if there are loop holes that can be exploited and have existed even for a relatively small period of time - they get filled pretty quick by the exploiters. If we're following 1820 laws and can still find no examples of abuse, that in and of itself speaks volumes regarding the efficacy of the voting system. I think it's safe to say that there are people out there that would practice voter fraud if they could. But they don't because they can't.

At the end of the day, however, I think there's room for some compromise. The article further states:
Republicans have maintained that same-day registration opens the door to widespread fraud and abuse, and that the two business days' wait would give election clerks time to weed out would-be voters who seek to cast ballots in Maine. 
How about instead of taking two days before the election to weed out fraudulent voter registrations, we take two days after the election to weed out fraudulent votes? Any difference in effort would be nominal. Republicans can feel safe while access to polls wouldn't be restricted for those who have a right to cast their vote.

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