Auburn's November Candidacies

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding my resignation from the MGIP Steering Committee, I have been appointed to the Planning Board of Auburn. It's a great opportunity, leaping into municipal politics.

I've also been looking at the slate of city council candidates for November and am excited to see such a youthful line of pretenders.

Jonathan Labonte, a thirty-something Androscoggin County Charter Commissioner and Executive Director of the Androscoggin Land Trust is running for Mayor of Auburn and is presently unopposed. Labonte is an interesting environmentalist-Republican combo.

Editor and publisher of L/A Magazine, Joshua Shea is vying for one of two At-Large seats on the City Council.  Shea will be running against four other people. However, he's also running with "three acquaintences who feel that they would work well together," as sort of a pseudo-ticket or packaged deal.

Ever since I began my involvement with Art Walk Lewiston Auburn, I've become ever more satisfied with my decision to settle in L/A. The opportunity to work with professionals and artist-activists downtown has really highlighted the potential for L/A to grow and prosper. There are so many young, intelligent folk that have a strong interest in transforming the community.

In 2001 the Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council launched a marketing campaign, "L-A, It's Happening Here!" to promote the area as a renaissance community. Their vision statement is:
By 2008 … Lewiston-Auburn will be a center for both commerce and culture, offering opportunity in the areas of manufacturing, health care, the arts, education and recreation… With so many new and exciting things happening, and a proven ability to plan, create and sustain economic growth and quality of life, Lewiston-Auburn will be seen as a leading Maine community.
I think LAEGC jumped the gun a bit with their target timeline, but I can comfortably say that with people like  Labonte and Shea at the helm, we can expect some great things from the Great Falls Twin Cities in the next ten and twenty years.

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Fred Horch said...

So when can we expect a council run from Mr. Corbally-Hammond?

Jeremy Corbally-Hammond said...

Gosh, I don't know. Sometimes council seats have few candidates and I might get lucky one year if there's no opposition.

If not, I need time to build constructive relationships in the community. I've only been in Auburn for three years and only just recently been able to rub shoulders with local business owners and politicians - even then, not so much.

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