Dear Green Party...

This is something I've been thinking about for a while now and unfortunately it may come as a surprise to some of my colleagues, but I hope not to too many. Below is my resignation letter to the Steering Committee of the Maine Green Independent Party submitted yesterday.

State Steering Committee
Maine Green Independent Party
415 Congress ST, Suite 202
Portland, ME 04101 
August 2, 2011 
Dear Steering Committee members, 
It is with regret that I write to inform you of my resignation from the State Steering Committee of the Maine Green Independent Party as Secretary. 
As you are well aware, I began my work with the Green Party in March 2010, not long after I joined the party. I was swiftly elected to the Steering Committee and have since enjoyed working with you all on advancing the party’s goals as Secretary and Chairman (and Secretary once again.) 
I appreciate the opportunities I have been given during my time with the Green Party, as well as your professional guidance and support.  
However, I have been negligent in my own duties as a leader in the Maine Green Independent Party. While we all serve in a volunteer capacity, our party still deserves more dedicated support, especially at the top. That is support that I am no longer able to provide at this point in my life. With advancements at my present day job, changes to my familial life, and a strong urge to work more at the local level supporting my community, I simply cannot afford the time and effort needed to serve on the State Steering Committee.
In addition to my lack of availability, I realize now that my involvement with the Green Party was premature. I have constantly tried to reconcile my own political differences with the philosophies of most Green Party members. While at the core I share with you key progressive values, especially social justice, non-violence, grassroots democracy and stewardship of the environment, I question the compatibility of the different methods we employ to reach our goals. 
I am unsure of exactly how or when, but I am confident that I will return to politics in my future. I hope that my work and support for the party will be remembered and that I will be able to look to Greens as allies in our collective efforts to progress the great state of Maine, our Nation and the World. 
Your friend and ally,
Jeremy Corbally-Hammond

Update: Well, the plan was to take a break from politics. The City of Auburn has other plans. It appears months after I submitted an application, the City Council has gotten around to reviewing it, an openning is available and they have notified me that I have been appointed to the Planning Board.

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Michael said...

That's a very diplomatic way to say I don't agree with you.

Here's one of my favorite gems:

"I'm on your side, but you're not."

Good job on taking such a mature way out.

Jeremy Corbally-Hammond said...

Thank you. It was time to leave. And let's be honest - it's difficult criticizing partisanship while being a partisan.

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