Auburn's November Candidacies

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding my resignation from the MGIP Steering Committee, I have been appointed to the Planning Board of Auburn. It's a great opportunity, leaping into municipal politics.

I've also been looking at the slate of city council candidates for November and am excited to see such a youthful line of pretenders.

ME GOP Chairman wrong about students' rights

Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster was quoted in a Portland Press Herald article saying:
“I get tired of talking about this because the law is clear,” Webster said this week. “If I want to vote, I need to establish residency. I need to register my car and pay taxes in that community. You can’t just become a student and vote wherever you want."
He's correct about needing to establish residency. That is one of three requirements to vote - the other two being citizenship and age. However registering your car is one of several ways to establish residency and paying taxes has nothing to do with it.


Dear Green Party...

This is something I've been thinking about for a while now and unfortunately it may come as a surprise to some of my colleagues, but I hope not to too many. Below is my resignation letter to the Steering Committee of the Maine Green Independent Party submitted yesterday.