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I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts of late. When I began my blog last October I said that my intentions are to highlight the problem of sub-nationalism in America and have conversations about solutions that find a common ground or balance between competing political and religious ideologies and values. Fostering constructive political discourse is something I care very much about as I believe most conflict is derived from misunderstandings between players and not innate hatreds.

I've also said that this is my sixth attempt at maintaining a blog and the past few months have not been very constructive. There are two reasons why I've been absent. The first is that, like in the many blogs of the past, I've hamstrung myself by setting limitations on myself regarding what I can and should write about. In my opinion, there is little room for blogging about my dogs on a political blog, even though they may be what is capturing my attention at the time. I'm also interested in taking a step back from the world of politics, mostly because of everything else going on in my life I'll talk about below. So I'm thinking about expanding the scope of my blog - truly making it personal - and writing about whatever the hell I want. I will still occasionally contribute my thoughts on politics, but I want room to write about other things.

Of the few followers of my blog, what are your thoughts on this? If you're still lingering around...

Secondly, I've just been incredibly busy. I've received a pretty significant promotion at work. I began at Good Shepherd Food-Bank as a VISTA volunteer and I worked in the department that is responsible for maintaining the relationships between the food bank and the agencies we serve. It's exciting and rewarding work, traveling the great state of Maine visiting food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters talking shop and sharing best-practices - ultimately working together to find better ways of feeding people in need. 

I left the department to explore another opportunity at the food bank but was recently asked to return to Agency Services as manager. It's challenging work, but I've been loving it ever since. I now work with a great team of people who are out on the road, making the world a better place.

In addition to that my wife and I have bought a house. Elise and I have put a lot of time and energy thinking about where we wanted to settle semi-permanently. We've talked about moving to Vermont to be closer to her brothers who are still growing up. The west coast has been an attractive candidate as well. We've even thought of moving to England to get away from it all. Ultimately we've decided to make Lewiston/Auburn our home. 

Now that that decision has been made, we're busy making the cities ours. In addition to working on our house, we're also trying to make connections in our community. Elise and I have been working diligently on Art Walk Lewiston Auburn, a grassroots endeavor to enliven the downtown community and promote the arts. It's been incredibly fun working with local business owners, artists and community activists and organizing these events. Our first one was a huge success, attracting nearly 500 people. Our second one also had a great turnout despite the rain. 

Elise is busy exploring her passion of dogs, working with the Androscoggin Humane Society on their upcoming adopt-a-thon and fostering a stray brought up from Georgia on the "Underhound Railroad." His name is Wilson - a young and energetic little guy, but so far a he's a sweet heart.

I've also been indulging in a hobby of mine since childhood: Heraldry. It's an arcane subject with a lot of rules and stipulations, but one that I find fascinating. It's surprisingly controversial as well, eliciting plenty of disagreements in the scholarly community based on people's more basic values. Ultimately, though, I'm just attracted to the simple and elegant pageantry of it all.

But back to 21st century Maine - Lewiston/Auburn is an exciting place and we're glad we've decided to stay. Admittedly, there's a lot less going on than in Portland, but what makes L/A so attractive is that it's like a blank canvass. There's so much opportunity to make these cities awesome. And there are lots of young professionals in the area that feel the same way. L/A is poised for a renaissance and I'm looking forward to being in on the ground floor. 

I also look forward to blogging about it.

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