Smith on unions

With the craziness in Wisconsin going on, one might be inclined to ask: Where does Adam Smith, the "father of modern economics and capitalism." stand on the issues of labor and unions?

From Smith's "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" (via The American Conservative):


I think it's time to leave Fairpoint

Ok - I might actually be the last off that burning bandwagon. Fairpoint Communications has been on the thorn of many Mainers' sides for a long time - especially those in rural areas where Fairpoint holds a monopoly on the delivery of phone/internet services. Suffice to say, I think it's time for me to choose a new provider.


Primer on "localism"

Michael Hartwell at Young, Hip and Conservative has just published a great introduction to the economic problems behind the idea of "buying local" at IndieSkeptics.

As a liberal fresh out of college, I was drinking the "localism" koolaid. It just seemed to make sense that eating local/organic food and enjoying locally produced goods was more efficient and better for the environment. It's also very romantic to think about supporting small local farmers who live near you. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.


Private dinner hosted by promoters of transparency

via Portland Press Herald
Does anyone else find it ironic that Tarren Bragdon, CEO of the Maine Heritage Policy Center will be hosting a private dinner to lobby legislators and refuses to register as a lobbiest while at the same time MHPC authored legislation to improve transparency in government?

Bragdon, assisting Commissioner Mary Mayhew of DHHS will be giving a presentation on a welfare reform proposal. I'm next to positive these types of presentations are suppose to be conducted at a committee hearing.

I sure wish I could afford a grand dinner to woo my representatives. I'm lucky if they even respond to an email of mine - and I'm chairman of a political party on the ballot in Maine!


Oh good grief, are we going to (another) war?

Two US warships have been deployed to the coast of Libya. Apparently we've also already landed troops with Britain (and possibly France) on Libyan soil. Didn't I just say that the last thing we should be doing is military intervention in Libya?