Green Chairship

It's been a bit of a drawn out affair due to my inability to attend the last two meetings, but I've been officially selected to serve the rest of this term (till May 1) as Chair of the Maine Green Independent Party Steering Committee. Former chair and legislative candidate Anna Trevorrow was elected to replace my seat as secretary.

As Chair, I'd be remiss if I didn't offer a plug on my own blog. If you're a progressive in Maine who shares the "Ten Key Values" of the Green Independent Party, I encourage you to register at your town office and contact MGIP about how you can get involved in progressive politics in your area or at the state level.

Our state convention will be May 1st again. The location has yet to be determined. Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for updates and to register online.

Update: In other meta news but not at all related to this post or worth its own - please note the spiffy new subdomain for the website!

Disclaimer: As mentioned before, I realize I walk a thin line when I criticize partisan politics as a partisan leader. I don't believe the two actions are mutually exclusive. While there will always be a left-leaning slant to my blog, I will still attempt to be as fair and objective as possible. I invite those who disagree with me to respectfully share their point of view in the comments. Those who agree with me are welcome to laud me with compliments to make me look special.

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