Some things just aren't partisan

From the 'frontpage' today of Pine Tree Politics comes this Op Ed from Cynthia Dill, state representative from Cape Elizabeth.

The Republican Speaker-elect’s baggage is now widely known. Stories abound in the news that as the owner of True’s Pharmacy, Robert Nutting was found to have overcharged the State of Maine $1.6 million for rubber gloves, incontinence pads and liners between 1997 and 2001. He spent “over six figures” on fancy lawyers, counter-sued the state, and then declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy after paying back only $433.188, leaving Maine taxpayers holding the bag for $1.2 million.
Speaker-elect Nutting maintains that overcharging the state repeatedly using a formula that marked up some products 143% instead of 40% an “honest mistake.” He blames complicated rules and the stranglehold of government bureaucracy for his troubles.
Don’t take it personally, Mr. Speaker, if some of us can’t push our green button next week and vote to usher you in. You see, this isn’t really about you, but rather what you stand for, and what we are elected to do.
He will take it personally and so will every Republican in the State House, as well as the new resident across the street. But don't take that as a partisan attack. Democrats would respond the same way.

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