PPH OpEd: Democracy in Paralysis

This opinion piece was published last month in the Portland Press Herald:
... Our democratic system is in a state of advanced paralysis. One doesn't need a degree in political science to see that, and the agent of that paralysis is money, mostly taken for the purpose of surviving the next election, mostly given for the purpose of buying influence.
The challenges we face are huge and serious, and have been brewing for a very long time. But little will be done to solve them so long as those who represent us and create policy are beholden to the "generosity" of the rich, powerful interests.
So long as we are distracted by the irrelevant sideshow of the talk-show big mouths and suckered by the slick manipulations of the political marketers that those mountains of money are spent on, "change" will continue to be just another word.
Talk about irrelevant slideshow - I just received a piece of propaganda in the mail (one of many more than I usually get during elections. Thank you Citizens United.) damning a candidate because they favor privatizing Social Security. The candidate was running for Maine State Legislature. Social Security is a Federal program. It's not even administered by the state of Maine unlike other Federal programs such as S.N.A.P.

Where I stand on the state of Social Security is beside the point. I could have gotten a mailer that told me not to vote for Joe Shmo running for town council in Cherryfield, Maine because he thinks the U.N. should be abolished. It would have been just as irrelevant. 

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-Ash said...

Indeed, people will certainly use irrelevant points to discredit their opponents. and indeed to get into a highly coveted office takes a lot of money. It saddens me to see how the ones who would be our leaders are really trying to disguise their intent, or at least not be fully honest. Perhaps we need a true, selfless, compassionate leader who can help to steer us in the right direction. One of true change, for the better. Jer For President!!

Abner said...

Dude, even with all the disagreements we have, I'd take Jer for president! At least I KNOW that he is intelligent and motivated only by a love for people and country. Sadly, that's more than can be said for any politician I can think of...

Jeremy Corbally-Hammond said...

I would NOT want to be President. I might handle Congress, though - but it seems these days you have to sell your soul to win an election at the Federal level.

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