PPH OpEd: Democracy in Paralysis

This opinion piece was published last month in the Portland Press Herald:
... Our democratic system is in a state of advanced paralysis. One doesn't need a degree in political science to see that, and the agent of that paralysis is money, mostly taken for the purpose of surviving the next election, mostly given for the purpose of buying influence.
The challenges we face are huge and serious, and have been brewing for a very long time. But little will be done to solve them so long as those who represent us and create policy are beholden to the "generosity" of the rich, powerful interests.
So long as we are distracted by the irrelevant sideshow of the talk-show big mouths and suckered by the slick manipulations of the political marketers that those mountains of money are spent on, "change" will continue to be just another word.

Invisible Inc.


Maine Green Independent Party

I was recently interviewed by Jeff Peterson on the local Fox News station about the status of the Green Party in Maine. Despite a bad case of "ums" it went pretty well considering it was my first time on TV. After my interview, Fox aired a segment called "Reality Check" in which Peterson interviewed WGAN personalities, "Ken and Mike" about their perspective on my interview. Ironically their report represented very little of reality.


New... err... No Labels

I was invited to an interesting dinner the other night. It wasn't so much a fundraiser - even though it felt like one - but was rather a "support" raiser recruiting names and bodies. The topic of discussion was the soon to be launched No Labels campaign - an initiative that may be doomed to begin with.


From Indexed, (March):


What's wrong with America?

Millions are unemployed. The deficit is incomprehensibly huge. Health costs are astronomical. Our civil rights are ignored or violated. The environment is in peril (or, depending on your point of view, there is a serious epidemic of fraudulent scientists.) Our country is at war. Taxes are too high/low. The list goes on.

Kind of makes you want to open your window and scream.